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Flu Season


Influenza, known as “the flu”, is a highly contagious viral infection of the respiratory passages caused by the influenza viruses A and B. The flu typically lasts one to two weeks, with severe symptoms subsiding in two to three days, whilst other symptoms such as fever, severe aching, cough, congestion, headaches and fatigue lasting for a longer period. It is estimated that the flu contributes to over 3,000 deaths in Australia each year.

Fortunately, the flu vaccine protects you from getting the flu, with the vaccine being different each year containing the latest, most common strains of the virus. Immunising people who are at risk of complications from the flu is the most important way to reduce the number of flu infections and deaths each year.  It is recommended to have the vaccination every year to remain protected.

The accredited pharmacists here at Bagga’s, Manish and Rowen, can offer influenza vaccinations. The service is offered as a “walk-in” service, with no need to make an appointment. This is offered between 11am-2pm Monday to Friday during the flu season. We provide this service to workplaces and corporate services to businesses, schools and groups.

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